A giant anteater-headed boy looks over the Great Wall of China

Session Four: Out of Phase

They started down the tunnel, walking for seemingly a mile or so before an opening to their left appeared. Thuradin and Lesras investigated what turned out to be a small chamber containing one thing, a red coin lodged in the wall. Upon wrestling the coin from the wall, Thuradin started to feel a rage building inside his body. Controllable for the moment, he pocketed the coin and they carried on into the tunnel.

After another mile or so the path forked, taking the left path, they were eventually greeted by a blocked passage filled with rocks and another chamber to the right of them. This chamber was much larger, filled with spider webs, dust, and naturally formed stone arches.

As they cautiously entered the chamber, Xaljin’s shoulder was suddenly in agony as a large spider’s sharp leg tore through it. Everybody turned in shock towards the direction of the spider but there was nothing there. Xaljin’s shoulder still bleeding as he propped himself up against the wall.

The spider phased in and out, laying eggs with each phase, as the party fought her off. Lesras disguised himself as a spider using his newly fashioned spears of iridescent wood as extra arms but got caught temporarily in a web. Thuradin could no longer control the rage building inside him and attacked Greenfoot but was calmed by Aenalis long enough to get through the fight. Cybille, Thuradin, and Aenelis were slowed by the spider; their joints aching and muscles feeling tired. Thuradin and Aenelis took the time to destroy the eggs as they appeared.

Lesras’s formed dropped after getting both spears lodged in the floor, out of desperation he turned invisible and ran up the side of a raised platform. Unknowingly to him, the spider’s phase ability allowed it to see through magic invisibility and disguises, it watched as he ran passed and pierced his body. His body fell to the floor unconscious. He was healed immediately but Xaljin followed soon after, dropping unconscious as the party ducked and dodged stalactites falling from the ceiling. Greenfoot healing as much as possible and bringing people back from the brink.

Starflight dealt significant damage to the spider with his shatter attack a number of times, rocking it to its core. Xaljin, now up from unconsciousness, grasped one of the spider’s legs and channeled inflict wounds to it. Xaljin went down one more time before Yagharek caused his now flaming wings to tear the spider apart.

With the spider felled, Lesras investigated the cave and found a corner covered in rocks and web. There he found a coin, like the previous one, except blue. The moment he picked it up, he felt a mix of paranoia and cowardice.